I'm Addie Kosten, a singer, songwriter, performer, & weird bird from Indianapolis, IN.


With inspiration from Maggie Rogers, Lorde, and the live shows of Twenty One Pilots, I'm on a mission to create experiences that ignite a fire in others. I want all of us to believe in our ability to kick ass, to do what we believe is right, and to never stop dreaming.

Through sizzling synths, pop melodies, lyrical imagery, and a mix of acoustic and electronic beats, I’ve tried my best to give every emotion I have to your ears.

 My new album, Headspace, was a new songwriting experience for me. In the past, I made music that reflected what other people thought I should make. I wrote soft sounds and tame words that fit in a delicate little box, performing (hiding) behind a piano, fearing I would look ridiculous being active on stage.


A voice in my head repeatedly told me that I lacked the body type, that I wasn’t talented enough, and that I could never be free in front of an audience. For most of my life, I listened to that voice. Until this album.

I began to challenge the voice in my head. I personified it. I gave it a name. It’s now a character I call Thin Hippo.

I'm always fighting the insecurity, anxiety, and negativity that Thin plants in my head. But now that I visualize the voice as nothing but a cartoon hippo, it becomes easy to defeat.

We all have our own voice, our own Thin Hippo, which amplifies our fears and self-doubt. Music is how I found myself through the noise. I’m making these songs in hopes that others find the same resolution, because we are enough.

Fight your fears. Battle your Thin Hippo.